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AIQUM | AIQUM Member Service | That’s ME | Topic: Is there anyone actually here?
  Topic: Is there anyone actually here?  (Read 3056 times)
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   Is there anyone actually here?



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Moodometer from FarAway

« on: 08.09.2011, 01:00:41 »
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Upon browsing around, hoping to find a reasonable community that might offer company and support during the process I noticed that...there....seems to be... no one?

Or am I just looking in the wrong places?

Do fill me in! 
   Re:Is there anyone actually here?
Thomas (AIQUM)



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Moodometer from Thomas

« Reply #1 on: 08.09.2011, 10:50:10 »
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Hello FarAway,

AIQUM is quite new in the UK and many people leave the portal again, when they donīt find many discussions in the forum.

So they donīt discover the REAL benefits of AIQUM! And thatīs by far not the forum, because you will find billions of forums in the internet but for the few offers like AIQUM you will have to pay for...

AIQUM.co.uk offers so much more FOR FREE than a simple forum for -  just be smarter than the others, take a little time and find out why thousands of people pay money for the AIQUM-membership in the other countries and why itīs very famous there...! 


Give me the ability to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to tell the two apart.
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AIQUM | AIQUM Member Service | That’s ME | Topic: Is there anyone actually here?

20.04.2019, 05:59:15

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