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AIQUM | AIQUM Expert Forum | Fitness Forum | Topic: Daily Yoga
  Topic: Daily Yoga  (Read 3380 times)
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   Daily Yoga



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« on: 12.11.2010, 09:27:27 »
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since a couple of weeks, i do every morning Yoga. For 45 min i'm curling my body in strange patterns called asanas. And it's wunderfull. After my morning yogasession i start fresh und with a special swing in my day, which i spend mostly on my desk writing stories or chatting around in the world.
I'm very happy that i've opened to this kind of exercises. Never though that it could be done by a body like mine. Ever i thought about yoga, before i did it by myself, i was used to see a skinny girl which knotted her body in a very complicated way. Now i do it! And my body is not skinny, it's far away from that.
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AIQUM | AIQUM Expert Forum | Fitness Forum | Topic: Daily Yoga

20.04.2019, 05:15:48

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