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Individual Ticker:
Ticker Beispiel Gewichtsticker
Weight Ticker (would like to lose a certain amount)
Calorie Ticker (would like to burn 1000 calories)
Group Ticker: (reach your goal together, max. 20 people)
Ticker example: Calorie Tandem Ticker
Weight Duel Ticker (I want to lose weight as quickly as possible, who wants to join me?)
Weight Tandem Ticker (100kg to get rid of, who wants to join me?)
Calorie Duel Ticker (I want to lose 10000 calories, who wants to challenge me?)
Calorie Tandem Ticker (100,000 calories to burn, who wants to join me?)
U-Ticker (e.g. U100 (kg), U80 (kg), who wants to join in?)

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