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My Activities
top What is My Lounge?

With its innovative, interactive features, "My Lounge" forms one of the most unique, social networking platforms of this quality and on this scale that has been seen in the English speaking Internet up to now.

"My Lounge" offers the following functions and these are based on the big social networking platforms like Facebook, Studivz and MySpace, amongst others. You can:

  • create your own, detailed profiles about yourself, your diet and your Forums etc!

  • view your own Weight Diagram and Free Time Activities Diagram in the highest quality graphics!

  • take part in weight loss competitions (so-called "Weight Loss Duel") and Weight Loss partnerships (so-called "Tandems" and other "Tickers")

  • take part in the Calories Used Duel and Calories Used Partnership

  • create your own recipes from a collection of 6,000 foodstuffs containing calorific and nutritional values!

  • Flick through other members' recipe collections. You also have the possibility to evaluate these and to add them to your own collection!

  • create and manage your own blogs, also have the possibility to look at other people's blogs, to comment on and evaluate them!

  • create photo albums and upload photos, evaluate and comment on other people's photos.

  • have the possibility to limit other people's access to your areas through Privacy Protection.

  • A feature where you can search for other people who want to lose weight according to their age, sex, amount they want to lose, diet, background forum, etc.

  • It shows connections between registered members in the system.

  • The formation of clubs with club discussion forums on the subject of dieting, weight loss, fitness, wellness etc.

A further outstanding feature of MyLounge is the Signature Ticker, which acts as a gateway between all your favourite forums and My Lounge!

In the beginning you can access all the amazing features directly from your own forum and all this without affecting your own position. Organise competitions, duels and games amongst each other even between members of other weight loss forums.

top Is My Lounge free?

AIQUM MyLounge doesn't cost anything to use and requires merely a free registration!
Personal, individual diet and trainings plans, as well as support by our experts are only available for a fee and can be booked in addition anytime you like.

Here you can find register for free and without further obligation to us => Click here

top How do I register for My Lounge?

Please click here to register for the AIQUM MyLounge => Click here

top How do I create my own Ticker? (Weight Ticker, Duel Ticker, etc)

First of all you have to register and log in to create your own Signature Ticker!
As soon as you have logged in, you will see the tab "Ticker," amongst others, in My Lounge. Click on it and then on the link "Generate Ticker." The next step allows you to choose whether you would like to register for an existing Group Ticker (Duel Ticker, Tandem Ticker) or create a new one! Here you can choose between a Weight Ticker, a Weight Duel Ticker, a Weight Tandem Ticker, a Calorie Ticker, a Calorie Ticker, a Tandem Calorie Ticker and a U-Ticker (under 70kgs, 100kgs, 120kgs etc)!

Once you have made a decision (you can make more Tickers one after the other), you choose the background, then the pointer and finally specific details such as weight, target weight, calories and text etc...

top How do I link my AIQUM ticker to other websites?

Click on "ticker" icon to link it to other websites or to show others your diagram and My Lounge. Above your ticker you'll see a menu on the right hand side with "email" and "signature" fields. Click on "signature" and scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the relevant code for that particular board. Then you copy this in your signature on the external website.

top Where do I enter my weight for the Weight Ticker?

To change the weight on your Weight Ticker (also Duels and Tandems), click on the link "Enter Weight" in the Weight Diagram or go to Your Calendar and click on the "weighing scales" symbol.

top Where do I enter the amount of calories burned (spare time activities) for the Spare Time Activities Diagram?

To change the calories used (Spare Time Activities) on your Calorie Ticker (also Duels and Tandems), click on the link "Calories Used" in the Spare Time Activities Diagram or go to Your Calendar and click on the "colourful ball" symbol.

top How do the Weight Loss Group Competition, Calorie Duel and U-Communities work?

You have the possibility to take part in either an existing group competition or to bring your own group competition to life.

First of all you have to register to do this. As soon as you have registered and logged in, you will see the tab "Generate Ticker" in My Lounge.

Then you can choose either to register for an existing Group Ticker (Duel Ticker, Tandem Ticker) or create a new Group Ticker!

Existing Competitions:

Here you will see a list of the current group competitions (Duel, Tandems as well as U-Tickers) and can look at these in detail if you click on "View" and then on the group name, for example, "we appeal to the U 100." Finally, you can ask to take part in the group competition by clicking on the "Request to take part in this Ticker" button!

As soon as the initiator of the respective competitions has authorised your participation, you will get a pin number and can take part in the Ticker!

New Group Ticker:

Click on the link "Generate New Ticker" and choose the appropriate Ticker from Weight Duel Ticker, Tandem Weight Ticker, Calorie Duel Ticker, Tandem Calorie Duel Ticker und U-Ticker.

Now choose the appropriate background and finally the right pointer (make sure that everyone who later takes part in your Ticker has the same background and pointer!) Then stipulate the conditions (calorie use/weight loss) and give the Ticker a group name!

By using the button "Invitation to Join this Ticker" you can invite your friends to join, or every other registered member of My Lounge can be invited under "search." You can invite others, who are not yet registered at My Lounge, to join your Ticker by using the "Email" link!

At the same time, other members can register themselves for your Ticker and for this you will get a pin number, as their participation has to be confirmed by you!

How do the competitions work?

The participants of the Weight Duel, U-Ticker and Weight Tandems regularly enter their weight using the link "Enter Weight" in the Weight Diagram. This can be done for Calorie Duels and Tandems under the link "Calorie Use"

The Group Diagrams (bar graph for Duels and Pie chart for Tandems) and the Ticker will be updated at the same time.

A Score Board will appear under the Diagram, in which the participant's results can be listed, most successful first Then you can click on the respective names or on "View" on the right hand side of the table, to go to the respective members' My Lounge and to leave a comment on their guest books, for example!

You can take part in a forum that was generated especially for the competition by clicking on the "Forum" link in the top half of the Ticker. This forum can only be accessed by the participants. If a new "Gif symbol," which is directly next to the forum link, starts to blink, then this means that there is a posting for you that you haven't read yet!

top How do I change me Ticker?

Click on the tab "Ticker", then on the "spanner symbol," which is on the left of the respective Ticker. Now you can change your tabs, background, values and tasks!

top How do I delete my Ticker?

Click on the tab "Ticker", then on the "spanner symbol," then on the "waste paper basket" symbol to delete your Ticker.

top How can I flick through other My Lounge members' recipes?

The My Lounge Recipe Collection has diet recipes provided by users and direct from practical experience! Click on the "Recipe" tab and then on "Member's Recipes" to be able to flick through other people's recipes. Alternatively, you can use the "Search" tab and then you can look for specific recipes from other members or go to individual member's My Lounge and click on "Recipes" there to see their recipe collections.

top How can I add other members' recipes to my collection?

As soon as you have found a recipe that you would like to add to your own recipe collection, click on the green "plus" sign next to it and the recipe will automatically be added to your own recipe collection. You can find this in My Lounge under "Recipes."

top How can I generate my own recipes and what advantages does this offer me?

It has been proved that the number of calories we eat decides whether we lose or gain weight! Science has a formula for this: for every 7000 kcal saved and/or used, you lose 1kg body fat!

Because of this it makes a lot of sense to realise the value of recipes which at least contain very specific calorific information! The foodstuffs (6,000 at the last count), which are integrated into the My Lounge Recipes, make you feel sure that the calorie and nutritional values are very accurate!

You can create your own recipes on AIQUM out of over 6,000 foodstuffs containing calorific and nutritional values and then save them. You have two possibilities to make your own meals on AIQUM:

Creating your own recipes:

Go to "Recipes", click on the "New Recipe" link.

Step 1
Name and Description

Here you can give your recipes a name and write the introduction.

Step 2
Look for Ingredients

Here you can add ingredients/foodstuffs for your recipe. Either enter a term in the "Search" box, which is relevant to your search (e.g. potatoes), or search by letter. If you put the percent symbol in front of potatoes (%potatoes), everything that has potato on the end of it (-potato) will be found. The other way around also works. If you put the percent sign behind potatoes (potatoes%), then all foodstuffs that begin with potatoes will be found.

Step 3
Put a meal together

Now you can add your Recipe to a day in your Menu Plan by using the small calendar symbol. If you don't want to do that yet, then click on "No, I'll do that later." In this way your recipe won't be added to any specific day. You will be able to find it again if you click on "My Cookery Book" in the list in the left menu under MY AIQUM.

top How can I flick though other members' photo albums?

Click on a specific member's My Lounge. If a "New" Gif is blinking, then this person has one or more photo albums in which you can look, as well as leave comments and feedback for every single photo! You can also go to "Search" and look for specific photos there.

top How can I make my own photo album?

Go to the "Album" tab and then click on "Create New Album."

Give your album a name and decide who will be able to see it (only you, you and your friends or all My Lounge members)

The next step it is to write a short description of the Album.

Then look on your hard drive for the first photo for the Album, give it a title and put it in a category (Before-After, Hobby, Holiday, Kids, Animals, Other)

N.B.: the photos have to be max. 550 x 550 pixels or rather 1mb and the only acceptable formats are GIF, JPG and PNG!

To make your photos smaller without a problem go to www.shrinkpictures.com/

top How can I read other members' blogs?

To flick through other user's blogs, go to a specific member's "My Lounge." If the tab "New" -Gif in the "Blog" tab is blinking, then this person has a blog and you can read it and add a comment too!

Alternatively, you can also go to "Search" and look for specific blogs there.

top How can I make my own blog?

To make your own Blog, click on the "Blog" tab and then in the "Edit" field.

Write what you want here and then click "Send!"

top What are the Clubs and how do they work?

Clubs are closed groups, in which like-minded people get together and discuss specific subjects, for example, certain kinds of diets! The members of such a club are left alone and only they can read entries and discuss them!

top How can I search for specific Clubs and register for them?

Click on the "Clubs" tab and scroll down. There you will find a complete list of currently active clubs under "All Clubs."

Here you will also find the number of members, dates the club was founded and the "Function," which can be found under the "Function" "Join Club," if the club can be joined by anyone and you can join without the founder's approval.

If you see "Request to Join Club" then the founder has to approve your membership. They have a pin number and will answer accordingly when they are online!

top How can I start my own Club?

Click on the "Clubs" tab to start your own club, then fill out the respective fields underneath:

Name of the club: give your club a meaningful name.

Photo: you can add a photo for the club if you like.

Description: give a short description of the topics that the club is going to deal with.

Then decide if everyone can register or if registration can occur only after you have confirmed it!

Your club will be up and running as soon as you have done this and now you can send invitations to join it. Simply click on your club and then on the button "Send Invitation to Join Club." Alternatively, others can see your club and register or rather apply for membership!

If a new "Gif" symbol is blinking near the "Club" tab, then you have a new posting in the club forum that you haven't read yet!

top Privacy protection - how can I hide certain information from other users?

If you click on the "Privacy Protection Area" tab, you can keep your Spare Time Activities Diagram, Weight Diagram, Recipes and Blog to yourself, or allow access by only you and your friends, or for everyone. You can do the same for the Album, but you have to do this when you create it).

top How can I make myself invisible, when I visit other My Lounges?

You can remain anonymous when visiting other member's My Lounges if you click on the "Privacy Protection" tab and activate the point:

"No, I do not want to be seen and want to stay anonymous."














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