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Free Weight Ticker

Are you looking for a free weight ticker? A next generation weight ticker?

Weight Ticker

Register and you will get your weight ticker and MUCH MORE.

As well as the weight tickers, which you can connect to all other forums free of charge, you can also get tailor made menu and exercise plans, if you like. And have access to thousands of recipes.

If you would like low fat meals or would prefer a low carb diet, you can choose either at AIQUM and have access to more than 3000 FREE low fat and low carb recipes.

You can also get video based, individual training plans, and in addition our experts will be there to support you on the road to your ideal weight.

There's also a large AIQUM community, which you can join for FREE, and here you will get extra motivation to help you losing weight easier.

You can use your weight ticker, it's up to you.

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What is waiting for you at the AIQUM MyLounge, the revolution of the personal weight tickers? Now read what is available to you, free of charge, with the AIQUM My Lounge. It's great! Pure fun, AIQUM style. Keep reading or look at the AIQUM MyLounge FAQs.

MyLounge Home
This homepage is your personal command centre.

MyLounge Home

In your personal, AIQUM MyLounge you can see your

  • weight loss curve
  • spare time activities
  • friends
  • new members
  • new photos

Here you will get comments from other MyLounge members and can answer them. All together, this is a great social networking platform. From now on AIQUM is your online meeting point. Your visitors will motivate you into being successful.

MyLounge Recipes
Be creative and add your own recipes with ingredients from a database with 4,000 Foodstuffs incl. nutritional information. Use your favourite recipes from over 3,000 entered by AIQUM and other MyLounge members, get feedback for and comments on your recipes, give feedback for and comment on other MyLounge members recipes. All recipes have precise nutritional information and will help you to lose weight successfully. You'll discover a lot of tasty things!

MyLounge Photo Album

  • Flick through countless users private albums!
  • Look at other members "before" and "after" photos!
  • Give feedback for and comment on other members photos!
  • Make your own photo album!
  • Let your own photos be viewed, rated and commented on by other members!
  • Decide who can see your photos: only you, you and your friends or everyone!

MyLounge Friends
Losing weight together is easier than alone. Get to know new people! A great community are waiting for your friendship request! Send personal messages to your friends and see if they are online.

MyLounge Blog Diary

  • Read other members dieting diaries and discover their dieting secrets!
  • Learn from the experience of others and find out how to motivate yourself when you feel like doing the exact opposite, and what to do when standing on the scales no longer does anything for you.
  • Give feedback and comment on other members diary entries!
  • Have you own dieting diary (blog)!
  • Let others read your blog entries, give feedback for and comment on them!

MyLounge Clubs

  • Look through countless clubs founded by other members!
  • Found your own club, on all kinds of subjects, within MyLounge, whether about dieting or your favourite hobby, it doesn't matter!
  • Invite your friends to the club or allow everyone to enter!
  • You'll get your own Club Forum in your club and here you can chat to other like-minded people undisturbed!

MyLounge Search
You can find specific members using the search function (nickname, age, sex, original forum, who has a ticker, kind of diet), or search for recipes (recipe name, amount of calories, feedback, for how many people), other members albums (key word, category, feedback), active blogs (by key word, author's sex, number of entries and comments) and clubs (by keyword).

MyLounge Spare Time Activities
It's well know that weight loss depends on the number of calories burned. It doesn't matter if we burn our calories with sport / exercise or other daily physical activities, such as shopping, housework etc. With the help of your spare time activity diagram you can see you personal, daily calories burned, document this and so you'll have an overview. We have hundreds of kinds of sport / exercise / daily activities for you to choose from. You can also enter "miscellaneous calories burned", if you don't find anything useful amongst them.
Look though other members spare time activity diagrams, look into their calories burned, who does a lot of exercise and when, or who burns calories in other ways. If you like, you can let others see your spare time activities diagram in your "Private Space" or just allow your friends in!

MyLounge Weight Loss Curve
Visualise and document you own weight loss success with an attractive and inviting weight curve! This represents your starting weight, target weight, normal and ideal weight. You can decide who can see your diagram, only you, you and your friends or everyone. If you like, you can let others comment on your success, which is for a lot of people a great motivator on the way to their target weight. Flick through many of others members weight diagrams and look into their weight loss. What does it look like? Do they also have stagnant phases and if yes, for how long? If you like, you can allow everyone to see your weight curve or just friends. This can be done in your "Private Space"!

MyLounge Ticker
Our weight ticker takes technology and quality to new heights. It is the first completely animated weight ticker in the UK based internet. A further wonderful feature of this ticker, which is incorporated in the versatile design of the weight ticker, calorie ticker and u-ticker, is the interface that connects it to all of your favourite forums and MyLounge.
Without being unfaithful to your original forum, you can access all the individual features of the MyLounge directly from your own forum. Simply integrate your ticker in your own forum, free of charge, and let your friends in your forum access your weight diagram, spare time activities diagram, diary (blog), your recipes and photo albums. Organise competitions, duels and games and if you like, also between members of different diet forums.

MyLounge Calendar
Your calendar gives you quick access to most functions in your MyLounge. Through your calendar you can enter your weight and spare time activities quickly and go to your blog (diary)!

MyLounge Vistors
Here you can see who has visited your MyLounge. Of course, you can stay incognito and invisible, by simply pushing a button under the menu point "Private Space"!

MyLounge Private Space
Your Private Space allows you to choose if you want your weight diagram, spare time activities diagram, recipes and blog to be seen only by you, yourself and your friends or everyone. Furthermore, you can enter setting here that decide if you want to be seen in other MyLounges, when you are a "visitor", of if you would prefer to remain anonymous!

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Example of a Diet Ticker and Weight Ticker

A Diet or Weight Ticker

Diet Ticker

A Group Ticker with 2 members

Ticker example: Calorie Tandem Ticker
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