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Wellness - current information in the AIQUM Glossary


Wellness Glossary

The term wellness comes from the terms well-being and fitness.

According to the definition of the American Dr Kenneth H Cooper and the Dr of social medicine Halbert Dunn, the term wellness reflects a lifestyle concept that is aimed at well-being, fun and a good physiological constitution.

An increasing number of products and services in the wellness area have finally lead to the term "wellness" becoming a very general synonym for exercises and methods, which increase physical, mental and emotional well-being.

And so, the many branches, which only slightly have something to do with the term wellness, are using the term as signs for their marketing, promoting normal mineral water as wellness water, sports socks as wellness socks, holidays as wellness holidays, face cream as wellness face cream, tea as wellness tea, shoe soles, as wellness shoe soles, mattresses as wellness mattresses, juice as wellness juice and so on.

In the seventies the pioneer of the wellness movement developed a new, holistic health models, commissioned by the US government, to stop the explosion in costs in the health sector. These primarily made each person responsible for their own health. In keeping with the Ardellís definition, wellness describes a condition of well-being and harmony and includes responsibility for oneself, awareness of health eating, physical fitness, stress management and sensitivity to the environment.

In our Wellness Lexicon you will find hundreds of terms on the subject, which have of course been explained for everyone!

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