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weight loss with swimming, lose weight with swimming - detailed information


weight loss with swimming, lose weight with swimming

How about weight loss with swimming? How effectiv is swimming when someone wants to burn fat and lose weight?

The scientists agree, the most important  for losing weight is first at all the energy balance: it is the relation between caloric intake and calories burned with sport!

On the basis of this fact, each sport would be best which burns as much calories as possible! And here the rule: the more muscle groups are activated with the respective sports at the same time, the more calories your body burns per unit of time under the same conditions!

And now let us check the swimming on muscle activity:

Swimming activates both the upper body (especially arms, shoulders and back muscles), and the entire leg muscles, including the buttocks. Furthermore, the upper body muscles are activated for the purpose of stabilizing additives. Swimming acitvates the whole body!

Consequently, the swimming is perfect for burning fats and losing weight!

Your individual calorie consumption for swimming as well as many alternative physical activities such as Cross training, Nordic Walking you can test here:

calories burned rowing, rowing machine

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