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weight-loss-lies, losing-weight-lies - detailed information


weight loss-lies, losing-weight-lies

Do you know the 10 biggest weight loss lies ever?

AIQUM has gone on to find for you the 10 biggest weight loss lies and wants to bring light into darkness:

weight loss-Lie No. 1: Eating at night makes you fat ...

Eat breakfast like a king and dinner like a beggar .... food for the evening consists of at Forum of fat in the human body!

Fortunately, the can is not so and this statement is to join the Weight loss Fairy Tale. Scientific studies have shown that the energy balance takes the entire day to influence our weight, but not the time itself, to which we put away the food!

weight loss Lie No. 2: Counting calories is useless

Calorie counting is out! Precisely because of the same above-described knowledge, is the calorie count more than IN, if you really want to remove effectively! Because losing weight is put mathematically in a nutshell, unless you're under a metabolic disease which makes it difficult to lose weight. Science has agreed to this formula: 7000kcal more eaten than the body needs, ie 1kg of body fat weight gain. Conversely, so this also means: 7000kcal savings (through reduced calorie weight loss) and / or burned (through sport and physical activity). This makes a tangible terms what to do or have is - how can one ignore your very calorie counting?

weight loss lie # 3: Light products make you thin

Light products are enjoying strong demand at present, they are marketed appropriately by the industry. But the fact is that exactly satisfy these products usually worse than non-light products, and thus the consumer is inclined to eat more of it. Exactly this is also the case fully intended by the manufacturer - for the consumer weighs in false security, he eats so light, so it can render them more ..... Also include Light products often substitutes as sweeteners and flavors, our appetites inspire!

weight loss Lie No. 4: Fat makes you fat

While it can not be dismissed out of hand that provides the most calories per gram of fat, namely 9kcal / g - compared with a protein and carbohydrate grams per 4kcal also 4kcal per g, but this one should be aware of two things:

1) fat is not equal fat and we need the sg essential fatty acids for life

2) While fat provides the most power, but has the largest saturation on

So it makes sense to compromise and eat low fat, but not fat free!

weight loss Lie No. 5: FDH accelerated weight loss

This is unfortunately not so for one simple reason: it has no learning effect occurred with respect to the change in weight loss. Thus, we will help oneself to the ordeal with the FDH (Friss half) quickly as before and the fatty deposits can greet again!

weight loss Lie No. 6: Sugar makes you fat

Sugar is the only energy source for our brain, vondaher it makes little sense to eat a sugar-free as possible - this would lead to hypoglycaemia and at worst to impotence! Sugar in itself makes only fat when carbohydrate stores are crowded - but this is the case until very late! And so the calorie counts in the end overall record, from which the calories are now, ie, whether from fat, sugar or carbohydrates, while less critical to our shows!

weight loss Lie No. 6: fat burning heart rate

The fairy tale about the fat burning heart rate has, unfortunately, still very stubborn. In this training pulse of 120-140s/min are recommended, because then the body would be the first to the fatty acids rather than anaerobically ęgo to the carbs. The latter is true, but it is to lose weight only to the energy balance and if the body is in sports at the carbs first range considered and not the fat, he will be forced then to tap into the fat cells, because he, after all, the carbohydrate stores during exercise been emptied!

weight loss Lie No. 7: Who eats too much protein, decreases

If this were to vote, most Germans were slim and not as it is the fact: European Champion of excess weight! Because we eat too much protein in Germany and therefore against sg Protein weight losss warned, because an excess of protein to include abnormal renal stress, gout health problems can result.

weight loss lie No.8: Potatoes make you fat

As mentioned above, one has to take very many carbohydrates for the body to acknowledge this transformation with excess in body fat. Exact words, one would have to consume over 3.5 kg of potatoes, so that the potatoes contained in the carbohydrates are converted into fat. For once a good appetite!

weight loss lie No.9: Sauna is slimming

This does not, however, is easier .... stop - this is in any case as long as you drink anything after the sauna! Because of the weight loss based on water loss during of sauna, not often thought of as the combustion of fats.

weight loss lie No.10: Dinnercanceling is slimming

Dinnercancelling simple terms means the omission of the evening meal. As mentioned above, it does not matter when we save calories when we want to remove. The main thing is that we save calories and this possible without going hungry and without undergoing any nutritional deficiencies or to reduce the metabolism.

AIQUM offers you tailor made low carb and low fat menu plans, plus personalized training plans to lose weight quickly and healthy!

We offer you also thousands of recipes (low fat and low carb) to choose from! AIQUM has been tested and recommended by many magazines and TV tests!

Read what AIQUM members think about AIQUM in the following and be amazed by the changes in people who lost weight with our help, in the before and after photos:

Success lose weight stories

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