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Weight loss by using a heart rate monitor - detailed information


Weight loss by using a heart rate monitor

The heart rate monitor is used as a very popular equipment in endurance sports. In conjunction with a chest strap what receives the sounds of the heart and sends to the heart rate monitor, is it a valuable tool for heart rate control in all kinds of sports, especially in endurance sports.  With a waterproof heart rate monitors for example by the Polar company it is allowed to use it by swimming or diving.

But what do you think about a heart rate monitor with the aim of loosing weight or burning fat?

Most of the heart rate monitors includes the function of the energy consumption or calorie consumption.

But it is always averages, because to measure the exact individual calorie consumption, you need a calorimetry,  for this you need a colorimeter. A heart rate monitor can not replace these. The fat burning heart rate is important for endurance athletes because it refers to the optimal lipid metabolism-training area, not necessarily to lose weight.

A marathon runner aims to train using a fat-burning exercise its metabolism during exercise in such a way that favors the power and fuel covered by the almost inexhaustible subcutaneous fat reserves instead of the limited carbohydrate reserves. This allows him longer terms.

Someone who wants to lose weight, has to burn up as much energy (calories) as possible per unit time. The claim you have to be in the fat burning heart rate is a myth.

What are the advantages of a heart rate monitor by losing weight?

One advantage is the approximate indication of the burned calories. Furthermore, the heart rate monitor support us to avoid process of over-training or even undertraining. By entering a certain range of of pulse values (lower and upper limit). In order not to leave this range.

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