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weight loss and weighing - detailed information


weigh loss and weighing

For the most dieters is the regular weighing the basis for control their weight loss-success!

Given however that the female body is daily fluctuations in weighing up to 4kg exposed, you should avoid daily weighing!

The disappointment could turn out to often large, these are merely differences in the water balance of our body, we weigh it every day, but not for the what we are going to lose weight: fat loss!

During removal of one is well advised not more frequently than once per week to get in on the scale best morgentlichen early in the morning after the toilet, possibly on the same day, to keep the conditions as comparable as possible!

On the way, you get AIQUM healthy diet plans and fitness plans to successfully take off! Although there is the opportunity to weigh more on AIQUM and write his weight on the calendar and charts illustrate, however, will test our character regularly every two weeks instead.

Read what AIQUM members think about weight-loss at AIQUM in the following and be amazed by the changes in people who lost weight with our help, in the before and after photos:

Success lose weight stories

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