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weight loss and staying slim, losing weight and staying slim - detailed information


weight loss and staying slim, losing weight and staying slim

Usually the "crash diets" and other dubious forms of diet cause weight loss and then the jojo-effect! They prevent staying slim!

Who does not want to lose weight for the short term and would then be faced with the yo-yo effect, should definitely stay away from crash diets and prefer to leave on permanent weight loss possible for a scientifically based method. Here, it is important to break down fat instead of muscle and water - something that during crash diets and always lost the first is responsible for the high weight loss in the first place is! Rather, it is important if you want to stay slim after losing weight, a weight loss of up to 500g. to strive for 1kg per week.

On AIQUM you receive individual academic plans to not only rapidly lose weight, but then to hold its weight and stay slim permanently! Try our forecast of how quickly even after you pick to stay slim! :

prognosis weight loss

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