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weight-loss and fat-loss - detailed information


Weight loss and Fat-Loss, lose weight with fat-loss

How about fat-loss while on diet? Whoever wants to lose weight must burn fat! Losing weight by losing fat is the right methode!

But itīs not quite easy, the weight-loss by fat-loss and stay thin! According to current studies, almost 10% of all people who ever have lost weight, gain it back sooner or later: this is called the yo-yo effect!

Weight loss by fat-loss should happen in slower way  - weight loss is more successful in the long term than losing weight quickly, as in this case, most weight is lost from the musculature!

The best way to lose weight by fat-loss is Sport, exercise and physical activity! AIQUM offers you therfore individual Training Plans, as well as healthy Menu Plans, so you can lose weight and burn fat healthy! Losing weight has never been so easy before!

Look at the our members’ before and after photos, read original reports and be amazed at the quick and permanent success stories:

Success Reports (losing weight before and after)

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