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Tony Ferguson Weight Management Program - detailed information


Tony Ferguson Weight Management Program

Tony Ferguson Weight Management Program, does the weigh-loss work with it?

Australian pharmacist Tony Ferguson developed his program using his medical knowledge and the experience he gained during his numerous years working in the health industry.

He thought about how other diets had failed and why. He made the diet so that it isn’t a fad diet or a wuick weight loss solution, as he knows that these usually lead to rapid weight gain, once the diet is over. His diet is said to avoid the yo yo effect. The program promotes itself as being nutritious, based on scientific fact, simple and cheap.

He worked with fellow nutritionist Jan Tait and developed the program, which is made up of low GI foods and protein.

Tony Ferguson Products:


The Tony Ferguson Shakes make up a large part of the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program and they contain protein, carbohydrates, a small amount of fat, vitamins and minerals and have a low Glycemic Index of 22. You normally drink them twice a day. 

Dairy Based Flavours:   

Tropical Mango


Choc Mint



English Toffee


French Vanilla


Café Latte

Strawberries and Cream

Wild Berry

Soya Based Flavours:

Espresso Soya Shake

Chocolate Soya Shake


They can be used as an alternative to the shakes and also eaten twice a day.

Flavours include:

Mixed Vegetable

Pea & Ham

Asian Curry

Creme of Chicken

Field Mushroom

Roast Pumpkin

Mediterranean Tomato

Munch Bars

These bars are available in Berry or Apricot and are a useful alternative to shakes or soup if you are on the go.

Ready to Drink Shakes

Tetra packs in chocolate or espresso flavours.

Ready Meals

Ready made meals are said to be balanced meals.

Available in:

Homestyle Beef Casserole

Spicy Tomato Beef Curry

Basil and Capsicum Italian Chicken

Coconut Chicken Curry


The packets contain five wraps, which are high in fibre, contain 7 grams of protein and only 3 grams of carbohydrate per portion.


You just have to mix them with water:

Flavours include:


Rich Chocolate


Toffee Nut


Tony Ferguson Diet Jelly in four flavours:


Port Wine



Choclette Bars

Available in Milk and dark chocolate varieties and they are supposed to relieve your craving for sweet things. If you really need them, you can eat them twice a week maximum.

Chews & Lollies

Hailed as guilt free pleasure and available in the following flavours:

Berry Fruit Juice Chews

Caramel & Crème Chews

Chocolate Flavour Chews

Citrus Fruit Juice Chews

Fruit & Crème Chews

Strawberry Chews

Butterscotch Lollies

Mint Flavour Lollies

Salad Dressing

Comes in a twin pack, of Balsamic, French, Italian and Caesar dressing. 

Other Products

Tony Ferguson also produces Chromium Plus tablets, Fibre tablets, and Multivitamins.

He has also published a number of books.

If you’d like to lose weight then look no further. At AIQUM the nutrition and exercise plans are based on scientific research so that you can lose weight and keep it off, while staying healthy.  Forget other diets, AIQUM Germany has already been tested and highly recommended by the German Consumer Association, the Organic Consumer Test, as well as German magazines like Fit For Fun, Shape, Menshealth and Tomorrow, amongst others.

Take a look at the before and after photos of some of our members and read their sensational success stories: Success lose weight stories

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