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thick calves - detailed information


thick calves

Straight women often feel their calves to be too thick and are of the opinion that their fat calves so very not want to fit into the overall appearance!

But what can you do about thick calves, how do you get the supposedly too fat calves slim?

First, we must distinguish between massive calves in the sense of muscular calf development and massive calves due to a corresponding amount of fat in the subcutaneous fatty tissue!

In the case of massive calf muscles, you just have to admit that this is due to appropriate genetic predisposition and straight women tend to the lower extremities relatively strengthened to build muscle mass!

Do you have to come to terms with it and what can be done but too thick calves?

It is important to realize that the calf muscles is slightly different from the other muscles of the body. The calf work as soon as we get up and are on their feet until late evening when we go to bed. To master this task is the calf muscles is a very persistent muscle group, the self-hypertrophied in Audauersportarten yet (grows), while other muscles do not receive growth stimuli more.

If, therefore, according to genetically `vorbelastet'ist, the calf muscles is both the strength training and grow during aerobic exercise! An exception is long-term endurance sports like marathons, allowing no growth of the calves more, since the energy consumption is so high that the operated muscles quasi kanibalisiert and is used by the body to the body's muscle reserves!

Furthermore, should one aussenvor too thick calves during strength training specific exercises for the calves (calves are already mittrainiert with many other exercises!) And endurance sports, avoid promoting specific calf development, such as step aerobics - this should be the given normal aerobic priority!

Is the contrast to massive calves due to excessive fat, you should try to take a total of (local fat burning is not it!).

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