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lose weight quickly, quick weight loss - detailed information


lose weight quickly, quick weight loss

Many of those who are overweight have one wish: they want to lose weight quickly! But what should you know about quick weight loss?

Itīs very easy to lose weight quickly - quick weight loss is not that problem! Much more difficult is to hold the new weight afterwords and here fail over 90% of all, who ever lost weight quickly!

First of all the weight loss should be healthy and a durable proceed, when you want to avoid a yoyo-effect! Losing weight quickly has only few effects on fat burning! Instead you lose your muscles and water! Your muscles are very important to hold your metabolic rate on a high level! Exactly this provides the yoyo-effect, when you lose weight quickly and afterwords you weight more then before you started your diet!

But is a quick weight loss utopic? Certainly not if you lose weight fast in accordance with realistic definition! Here you can test yourself how quickly you can lose weight:

how fast can I lose weight? Test it here

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