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how much should you drink to lose weight - detailed information


how much should you drink to lose weight?

Whoever wants to lose weight should never forget to drink as much as possible. But the questions is: how much should you drink to lose weight?

Already 1.5-2 liters of water to thereby increase calorie consumption by 100kcal and as the water itself has no calories so, this phenomenon proves to be true diet to help! If one fact approach to simple calculation, the formula that you must save burn 7000kcal or 1 kg of body fat to get rid of it are on year, based at least whopping 5kg we achieve alone by drinking water without changing our eating habits or inclusion of exercise and sport would!

Another reason for drinking while on diet  is the discharge of organs such as kidneys and liver. The liver, for example, then better take care of the metabolism of fats, if sufficient fluid intake has taken place!

how much should I drink to lose weight?

2-3 liters would be optimal in the course of the day, who has problems with it, this little trick might be helpful:

ask yourself drinking smaller rations (a 250 ml, for example) already in bed, so you can drink before you wake up your first diet. Take for work with another 3-4 rations and rations distributed in the apartment further, you'll remember to drink more!

Does it have to be drinking really, you may be wondering:

No, other low-calorie beverages such as mineral water, fruit teas and juice be effective, however, has water (with or without gas), the advantageous property that it contains no calories!

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