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HCG Weight loss - detailed information


HCG weight loss

You want to lose weight and are interested in HCG? Which rule plays HCG in weight loss and how does weight loss with hcg work?

What is the HCG-Diet, how does the HCG-Diet work and who needs the HCG-Diet?

HCG diet is the natural human hormone chorionic gonadotropin, (shortly: HCG), also called placental hormone, because it will be produced especially during pregnancy in a woman's body. There is a theorie that HCG mobilizes fat and thus breaks down.

The HCG Weight loss is related to the daily HCG injections and a special diet. The duration of the HCG Weight Loss is usually 4-8 weeks.

AIQUM offers you tailor made low carb and low fat menu plans, plus personalized training plans to lose weight quickly and healthy!

We offer you also thousands of recipes (low fat and low carb) to choose from! AIQUM has been tested and recommended by many magazines and TV tests!

Read what AIQUM members think about AIQUM in the following and be amazed by the changes in people who lost weight with our help, in the before and after photos:

Success lose weight stories

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