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fast weight loss, lose weight fast - detailed information


fast weight loss, lose weight fast

Fast weight loss - what should we know about it? First of all the weight loss should be healthy and a durable proceed! To lose weight fast is not difficult, more difficult is the try to hold this new weight afterwords! And only <10% of all who lost weight can manage it to hold their new weight!

Fast weight loss is not the burned fat, but instead of this only lost water and muscles! But you need your muscles to hold you metabolic rate on a high level! When you try to lose weight fast you will burn muscles each time and this provides the yoyo-effect!

Afterwords you weigh more then before!

But is the fast weight loss an utopia? Certainly not if you lose weight fast in accordance with realistic definition! Here you can test yourself how fast you can lose weight:

how fast can I lose weight? Test it here

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