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Biological value - detailed information


Biological value

The biological value, symbol BW, describes the conversion ability of dietary protein in the body's own protein.

Primarily plays in the assessment of biological significance, the presence of essential amino acids.

is more similar in this case the food protein the body protein in its amino acid composition, the less food we need protein to produce a protein balance.

The reference value of the whole egg with a biological value was set from 100.

Clever combinations of different foods even low biological value, can result in a biologically high-quality meal, they complement the various amino acids and thus enhance the biological value the bottom line.

Example: 36% 64% whole egg plus potato yield a biological value of 136!

Biological value of certain foods:

Whole egg: 100

Potatoes: 98-100

Tuna: 92

Beef: 92

Cow's milk: 88

Soy: 84-86

Rice: 81

Rye flour (82% cleaning and milling), about 76-83

Maize: 72

Wheat flour (83% Colouring): 56-59

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