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binge eating in the evening - detailed information


binge eating in the evening

Evening cravings often plague people, especially those who are currently on a diet!

Before we show ways out of this problem, we want to explain the basics of binge eating:

First, we must distinguish the psychologically triggered by binge eating binge eating with physiological reasons.

The psychologically based binge eating occurs as as part of a dining-crushing addiction, that would just blow explanation at this point the frame.

Binge eating, which are physiologically significant, and this includes evening cravings usually arise, however usually if you as part of a diet such as carbohydrates almost completely or completely omitted (Low Carb and No Carb - diets) or missed the time when food to take and hunger can arise, which manifests itself as cravings first and preferably in an attack on the evening eating discharges!

So, to avoid the evening binge eating, one should note two things:

1) diets that provide little or no carbohydrates (in this case often arises the desire for sweets, since carbohydrates are indeed sugar) and crash diets that provoke provide 1200kcal under almost daily binge eating!

2) The food plan should be designed so that the famine itself and the resulting binge eating to avoid from the outset. Several small meals throughout the day, hungry to keep in check and make cravings unlikely!

On AIQUM you follow this, the principles of the German Society of Nutrition (DGE) and on the other hand works as follows:

- It will not go hungry partout! Everyone gets at least a day 1200kcal

- They eat 5 smaller meals a day. This makes the insulin level remains constant, thus preventing starvation.

- High-fiber diet also plays an important role AIQUM in the fight against excessive cravings, no cravings. Fiber is known as saddle makers, because it is indigestible food components that linger in the stomach so that country. Furthermore, fiber pull a lot of water in itself, filling the stomach.

- A lot of drinking (at least 2-3 liters a day) will fill the stomach before the meal and in between!

On AIQUM you will get individual nutrition and sport programs to lose weight healthy and quickly! Forget all the diets! AIQUM has been tested and recommended by many magazines and TV tests!

Read what AIQUM members say about AIQUM and be amazed at the changes in the before-after photos of our members:

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