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5 a day, five a day - detailed information


5 a day

5 a day is based on a movement that led to the improvement of health within the population by eating fruit and vegetable consumption prescribed.

Launched the campaign in 2000 was called by the club 5 a day e. V.. Nutrition institutions such as the DGE (German Nutrition Society) support this movement.

With the help of promotional brochures, posters and fliers the club is 5 A Day Association available to its members that use it again in their events.

In English-speaking, this action is called 5 a day and also describes the daily consumption of five portions of fruit and vegetables.

According to the DGE initiator of this action was the National Cancer Institute (the National Cancer Research Institute of the USA) in response to medical studies indicating that the Regularly eating fruit and vegetables can help prevent cancer greatly.

Crucial to this effect are minerals and trace elements and enzymes, which are in fruit and vegetables. As the optimum amount recommended 5 a day total of 650 grams of fruit per day.

There is no scientific proof of the actual reduction in cancer risk from fruit and vegetables is in place. However, it "about the many nutritional factors that are potentially for cancer prevention in question, secured the influence of vegetable and fruit science at best," it said in a release of the DGE.

The success of the campaign 5 is the day until then to call rather than moderate, the 650 grams of fruit and vegetables, according to Nutrition of the DGE report does not reach 2004th

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