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Nutrition - current information in the AIQUM Glossary


Nutrition Glossary

Nourishment is the basic necessity that keeps all living creatures alive and it governs the intrinsic functions of the human body, spirit, psyche and social well-being. Consciously dealing with nutrition is a part of human culture and all religions.

Human nutrition, as we understand it, is providing people with nourishment in the form of food and stimulants. Nourishment is provided orally by ingesting food in the form of meals and drinks. Human nutrition consists of food; raw, cooked or prepared in other ways, fresh or conserved. During nutritional research, nutritional science was concerned with the incorrect intake of nourishment, which was then labelled as a nutritional disorder.

High quality nourishment is important for our health, but there are a lot of views and theories about the right form of nutrition.

There are special forms of nutrition in medicine:

  • enteral nutrition = nourishment through the colon

  • oral nutrition = the normal way, through the mouth

  • gastric feeding tube

  • parenteral nutrition = bypasses the usual digestive process

  • intravenous nutrition = feeding through a tube

  • subcutaneous nutrition = sterile nutrition for patients with bad immune deficiency

  • artificial nutrition

  • nutrition without the patientís aid by gastric feeding tube or as parenteral nutrition

  • pureed nutrition therapy = mashed food by, eg chewing problems

  • astronaut food = light, easily absorbed food without roughage

  • reduced calorie nutrition for overweight people

The Nutrition Society has formulated rules that should help you to eat healthily and enjoy it. AIQUM.co.uk adheres to these rules and will support your reduced calorie, wholesome nutrition, if your goal is to lose weight! Lose weight, yes, but please for the long term and in a healthy way. You will definitely succeed with www.AIQUM.co.uk !

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