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blood pressure measurement - detailed information


blood pressure measurement

In one understands a blood pressure measurement method for testing the circulation.

In blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the flowing blood on the arteries. The systolic blood pressure value within the measurement denotes the higher pressure that is detected while the heart contracts to squeeze the blood in the bloodstream.

The diastolic value in turn describes the pressure that occurs when the heart relaxes and fills with blood again before being pressed back into the circuit!

It is in the blood pressure measurement is always examined the relationship between systolic and diastolic value, eg 125/80 mm of mercury [Hg].

blood pressure - how to measure blood pressure correctly: ?

For measurement of arterial blood pressure is one of the rubber cuff around the upper arm blood pressure measuring device and pumps it on until the blood flow is blocked in the brachial and feel you can no longer pulse.

If the cuff pressure decreased again, the sound of intercepted again in the arm blood flowing through a special stethoscope in the elbow region.

The specified Manometerwert here now displays the höchstmeßbaren systolic pressure. On further reduction of cuff pressure, the pulse sound disappears, so that the diastolic value can be read.

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