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arthrosis - detailed information



Osteoarthritis describes roughly represented a degeneration, so wear on the joints!

Due to many years of imbalance of load and load capacity of the joint, or after an accident occurs to a steady degradation of the cartilage hyanilen. Also, deformities of the joints and s.g. Imbalances can lead to osteoarthritis, the degenerative joint disease or joint degradation!

A distinction between pre-arthrosis, the precursor of osteoarthritis, for example because of under-development (dysplasia, hypoplasia) of a joint (eg congenital Hüftkopfdysplasie), post-traumatic arthritis than from an injury out resulting deformity of a joint, which leads to premature wear and osteoarthritis , multiple arthritis - osteoarthritis if the same occurs in many joints!

The following arthritis are common:

Knee arthritis, osteoarthritis med

Hip joint arthrosis, coxarthrosis med

Osteoarthritis of the distal interphalangeal, MD Heberden arthrosis

Upper and lower ankle arthritis ankle

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint, osteoarthritis med

Osteoarthritis of the facet joints, MD spondylarthrosis

Osteoarthritis of the elbow joint, med Cubitalarthrose

Osteoarthritis of the proximal joints, arthritis-med Bouchard

Arthrosis of the metatarsophalangeal joint, hallux rigidus med

Arthritis in the wrist area, med Radiocarpalarthrose

What can you do about osteoarthritis?

First, one should normalize quickly with osteoarthritis of the lower extremities and spine, his body weight, that is, decrease if you are obese! Each gram less, the burden on the affected joints, is a real help on the way to the stabilization of the disease!

Furthermore, in most cases does move very well, because joints are nourished on the move!

On AIQUM you receive individual nutrition plans and training plans to gently and effectively lose weight and improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis significantly

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