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angina pectoris - detailed information


angina pectoris

In angina pectoris is manifested in the form of paroxysmal pain in the chest area, due to a circulatory disorder of the heart! Angina pectoris can be attributed to narrowing of the Herzkranzgefń▀t.

Angina pectoris is caused by either physical or mental, or emotional stress, but usually in a pre-existing coronary atherosclerosis. A special form of angina pectoris is the Prinzmetal's angina, here is a transient ischemia of the myocardium by a spasm of the coronary arteries caused. The duration of a seizure is between seconds and minutes. Also, the cardiac syndrome X throws a angina pectoris.

A distinction between active and passive angina pectoris angina pectoris:

Of stable angina pectoris is the case if the pain is the same for all attacks and countermeasures that can be countered!

Unstable angina occurs when changes in the clinical findings.


- Burning, tearing or pressure around the heart of seconds or minutes

- The pain is often felt behind the breastbone, radiating in both Brustkorbsetien

- Typically begin suddenly and last for seconds to minutes, Bishins to upper extremities




And physical exertion

-Rich meals


-Change in the weather




-Rest / avoidance of stress

Use of organic nitrates

Beta-blocker intake

Calcium antagonists



-Balloon / PTCA


Bypass surgery

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