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Health - current information in the AIQUM Glossary


Health Glossary

It is not easy to define the term "health", so there are numerous definitions that are more or less valid.

According to the World Health Organisationís (WHO) definition, health is "a condition of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not the very absence of diseases and ailments".

This definition of health consciously conveys that health does not only mean physical suffering, but also concerns our mental and social health problems, which are really playing a bigger and bigger role in our very service oriented world! 

Without question, health is our most valuable asset, which we were not given for a lifetime, but (as far as we can influence it), we should always actively respect and protect it. The onset of various illnesses is caused by so-called risk factors, amongst other things. These can be divided into physical, psychological, social as well as material factors.

Actively maintaining our health should be two sided: on one hand, you should fight against the abovementioned risk factors, as much as possible and on the other hand you should build up and strengthen elements to protect yourself! By decreasing the risk factors and at the same time working on ways to protect yourself you can usually stay healthy until you reach old age.

If you look at the death statistics in our countries, you will see that heart attacks have been number one for decades, as they make up half of the deaths. The biggest risk factors here are overweight, high cholesterol, as well as high levels of blood sugar and high blood pressure, which depending on your lifestyle, can either be minimised or made worse. Every fifth person suffers from cancer and every fourth is consumed by the results of cancer suffers. It has also been proved that an unhealthy lifestyle can trigger cancer, and on the other hand a health lifestyle decreases the risk of cancer.

According to a report from British Cancer Research, the number of basically preventable cancers has drastically increased in the last ten years. Risk factors like overweight, too much sunbathing, cigarettes and excessive alcohol consummation have increased the risks in many cases.

Slightly less dramatic than diseases, which could lead to your death, but are, however, still very unpleasant and effect the quality of life, are diseases of the musculoskeletal system, especially those of the spine. Almost 10 million Britons suffer from back pain, a phenomenon that first appeared with industrialisation and can be avoided by training!

Additionally, there are also an alarmingly increasing number of psychological diseases, which also really endanger our health.

In conclusion, it is clear that we can always work at staying healthy and should do so!

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