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waist - detailed information



complain While many women thick legs, round hips, the medicine was not too long to realize that fat deposits are the legs, hips and butt from medical point of view of health rather harmless. Much more should begin to think and take action if the abdominal circumference fails disproportionately high, because this is an important measure of the risk of developing cardiovascular disease!

The reason is simple: the belly fat is mobilized intensively and therefore much more likely to get clogged in the bloodstream and from there to the arteries. Once the large heart arteries clogged heart attack risk - in cerebral arteries at risk of stroke!

It is quite different to the fat around the hips, buttocks or legs - this fat is less in touch with the Blutrkeislauf is therefore much less dangerous than the fat around the abdomen, which is at the waist!

How concrete can see this from the numbers? In women, we speak from a girth of 88cm from the increased health risk in men, the limit is 90cm.

If you have encountered in the measurement of these increased abdominal girth, we recommend to our security still figure test you

Figure Test

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