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endurance training - detailed information


endurance training

In physical endurance training means training programs and training methods, which aim to increase stamina, thus the body's ability to provide services over an extended period of performance. The endurance training has been proven essential to the development and maintenance of good health.

In particular, this positive effect of endurance training on the cardiovascular system should be mentioned that expresses a significant reduction in heart attack risk. Other positive aspects are an essential contribution to fat burning, especially when intended weight reduction, strengthening the immune system and often an improvement in blood count.

difference between grassroots and elite sport:

During an attempt to seek popular sport (hobby) with the endurance training, a health-promoting fitness and / or possibly a weight reduction in competitive sports, the continued increase in endurance capacity is a priority. The athlete is striving to improve their own best times to achieve better rankings in the competition.

Consequently, in the grassroots to improve the fat metabolism and increase the aerobic capacity are (raising the anaerobic threshold) in the center. If the sport but mainly serve to weight reduction, this modification should be made that are contrary to popular opinion on an optimal power development in the conflict.

In competitive sports, endurance training is supplemented by intensive stress stimuli or enhanced sport-specific training is added. These are mainly the further improvement of the anaerobic threshold by training according to the revision or interval method (see below), improving Erholfähigkeit (lactate tolerance and lactate removal) to name a strength training and speed training.

Year-round training in building performance-oriented endurance training:

Perennial power structure in the course of a sporting career

In the area of performance-based endurance training is an ongoing performance improvement will be sought for several years. In general, it can be assumed that high performance in endurance disciplines such as marathon or road race after a 10 - possible 15-year-old training structure are.

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