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endurance test - detailed information


endurance test

In order to be considered as scientifically sound must meet certain basic criteria endurance tests, as

Validity: must provide for the applicability within the sport

Objectivity: the test must be independently run by the tester as well as external influences

Reliability: The test results must be repeatable and reliable supply in case the same values

Economy: the effort for the test must remain in acceptable limits

Considering these requirements, so have the endurance sports science, the following tests proved:

- lactate test:

The lactate test allows the blood lactate concentration, which depends on the service rendered it as a reference value for measuring the performance and the training recommendation Recourse should

- Conconitest:

The Conconi test provides a reliable test method with which one can determine heart rate and the performance of the aerobic-anaerobic threshold in order to derive the training areas

- Cooper Test:

The aim of the Cooper test, it is run within twelve minutes so far as possible

On AIQUM you will be that individual plans but also endurance strength training plans and nutrition plans if you want to remove, for example!

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