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cross-trainer and fat burning, fat-loss - detailed information


Cross Trainer and fat burning, fat-loss

The determining factor for fat burning and fat loss is calories ansich! Because the body does not care if it burns fat during exercise or degrade but after training in the resting phase, the fat must be because not enough carbohydrates more available!

The cross trainer, or cross as he is affectionately called by his followers, represents for burning fat or losing fat the ideal training tool, as there are many body muscle groups simultaneously involved in the work and every muscle needs energy and therefore calories to pressed to be!

Consequently, the cross-training is well suited to the calorie consumption and hence to burn fat and lose weight. Your individual calorie consumption for the cross trainer as well as many alternative physical activities such as Nordic walking, you can test here:

calorie comsuption cross-trainer, spare-time activities

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