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Cool Down - detailed information


Cool Down

The Cool Down brings the body after physical activity such as training or competition in the slowly progressive condition Norma.

The cooldown is also intended support the body's regenerative capacity after exercise.

Thus, Cool Down, Cool Down also known as an active Entmüden summarized and tracked the target, but physical and psychological stress to build faster through sports, so the body's regenerative mechanisms are introduced faster and can act more sustainably.

Over a e.g. gradual slow cycling, or leakage within the cooldown is supplying blood to the muscles again and reduced waste products like lactic acid increased, blood pressure, breathing is regulated and brought back to the nervous tension back to normal.

A productive cool-down consists of three three parts: Round off (expire ..), stretching and eating.

The decay should take the Cool Down 3-5 minutes, deep inhalation and exhalation promotes this oxygen uptake and degradation of metabolites.

In the second phase is followed by the cool-down stretching and stretching, which should take about 5-10 minutes.

Last do not forget to balance the water and energy budget back!

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