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Bodybuilding - detailed information



Bodybuilding, what is it? Bodybuilding is a sport in which the formation (from English: "Building") of the body is through specific muscle training in the foreground. The aim is to build muscle with low body fat and the definition of individual muscle groups. Bodybuilding is mainly run by men but also women


Bodybuilding training is a strength training that focuses on the desired shaping of the body rather than the associated increase in strength. It can be performed with dumbbells or special training machines, usually with the dumbbells are used.

Thus, most of bodybuilding training with reps of 8-12 repetitions per set, as is practiced in heavy resistance training with higher stress but less reps (2-6). In repetitions of 15-30 reps, you move in the power endurance, which can be useful for certain training methods. Usually trained isotonic. Here the muscle is loaded over a large part of its movement travel with as a constant force. With some training equipment to the force curve is at the point of an eccentric cam wheel or controlled so that the muscle is equal in every phase of the movement under pressure. Other forms of training resulting from an extreme reduction or increase in the number of repetitions (eg, one-time maximum test or the so-called " 100 " rate), reducing the execution speed or a negative isotonic load (eg, controlled descent on the bench press). It is important that the muscle after training has time to regenerate. Therefore, a split in bodybuilding training is carried out, to be repeated every week and usually trains in which each workout different muscle groups.

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