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aerobic exercises - detailed information


aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises have been enjoying now almost three decades of unprecedented popularity, presented since 1982, the Jane Fonda aerobic exercise on the screen of the television!

First, get used to and in accordance with skepticism bešugelt, aerobic exercise sparked wildfire in the entire USA to Europe!

The 6500 health club in our country can not Aeorbic exercises in aerobics class can not do everything, aerobic dance employ to control the participants generally widespread in the scene of communication, the under Cueing is defined as verbal and nonverbal instructions by which the participants planned content synchronized to the music are taught. There are international standard "cues", the aerobic technical language is usually English. Optimal time cueing is designed so that participants know when they have to do.

These include:

  • standardized gestures

  • Announcements of aerobic exercise

  • Directions and rotations within the aerobic exercise show

  • Facial expressions, body language

  • Communication with the group

In addition, techniques are methodological structure choreographic goals in harmony with the music used to use!

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