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abdominal muscles, abs - detailed information


abdominal muscles, abs

The abdominal muscles has vierlei functions in the human body, so you prevent, for example, the trunk, rotates it and tends to the side.

straight abdominal muscle (rectus abdominis)

For the diffraction of the straight abdominal muscles is primarily the straight abdominal muscle (rectus abdominis), that is has its origins in the sternum and the approach to the pubic bone.

External oblique abdominal muscle (M. obliquus externus abdominis)

This muscle is responsible for the rotation and lateral bending of the hull and extends from the outside of the lower rib to the iliac crest.

Internal oblique abdominal muscle (internal oblique)

The internal oblique abdominal muscle is located underneath the external oblique abdominal muscle and is also responsible for the trunk angle and rotation

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