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The New Beverly Hills Diet - detailed information


The New Beverly Hills Diet

The New Beverly Hills Diet and weight-loss?

The New Beverly Hills diet, is supposed to be less extreme and more balanced. The diet is based on the theory of "conscious food combining," meaning that when you combine foods in the wrong way it causes you to gain weight. Mazel states that it is not what or how much you eat that causes weight gain but rather when and in what combinations the food is eaten. She claims that poor combinations lead to inefficient digestion that triggers weight gain.

Proteins can be combined with fats, carbohydrates can be eaten with fats and fruit must be eaten alone. Breakfast each day consists of fruit, which may be eaten, in unlimited amounts. However, only one fruit is to be eaten at a time. Dieters must wait one hour before switching from one fruit to another and two hours before eating any other types of foods. There are many days in the 35-day initiation plan where fruit is the only food consumed all day.

Once a meal based on carbohydrates, fats or protein is consumed dieters are not permitted to eat fruit for the remainder of the day. If the next meal is based on carbohydrates dieters may continue to eat carbohydrates without restriction until protein is consumed. As soon as any protein is eaten all the remaining meals must consist of at least 80% protein.

Dieters are permitted one free meal per day where they can combine carbs and protein however following this all meals eaten must follow the rule of containing at least 80% protein.

Recommended Foods

Fruits form the basis of this plan. Papaya is said to soften fat in the body, pineapple burns off the fat and watermelon flushes it out of the body.

The Beverly Hills Diet claims to be healthy. It claims to cleans you out, prevent disease, and help you lose weight fast.

The Drawbacks for this diet is that it is monotonous and unhealthy. Its difficult to live on one food each day. Too much fruit not only is this diet plan monotonous, but also it results in an inadequate intake of protein and fat, as well as iron, zinc, vitamin B-12, calcium and essential fatty acids. Weight loss is hard to maintain and it doesn't teach you how to eat properly.

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