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Radical Diets - detailed information


Radical Diets

What are Radical Diets and what should we know about them?

A radical diet is one where you are promised you will lose a lot of weight in a very short time. This usually means within 5 to 7 days.

Such diets very often consist of eating just one kind of food or taking powders and potions. This in itself makes this kind of diet bad for your health, as this usually means that you will have a deficiency of many essential vitamins and minerals. Also, your metabolism will very likely be undernourished too and not getting all it needs to work properly and this means that you won’t actually lose will the weight you were promised.

As you never get enough fat if you go on such a diet, so you actually lose water from your body instead of fat. This will lead to the energy reserves in the muscles, i.e. glycogen being used and you will actually lose muscle tissue leading to you losing actual muscle. You will lose weight, but not the right kind, you want to lose the fat on your body slowly, not muscle and water.

Furthermore, the calorie intake in such radical diets is usually less than 800 calories per day and many people use these diets to lose weight for a special occasion, such as a wedding.

Immediately after the diet has finished, the weight you lost will quickly pile back on, the so called yo yo effect.

At the end of a radical diet the body will be anxious to fill up its lost energy and water reserves, and that means that for every gram of glycogen lost, 4 grams are gained.

So, radical diets don’t bring any long term results and can even cause health problems, due to the nutrient deficiency.

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