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Low Cholesterol Diet - detailed information


Low Cholesterol Diet

Many people suffer with high cholesterol these days, due to the very high intake of unhealthy fats found in fast food and other products.  If you have high cholesterol, then the low cholesterol diet is for you, as it helps you to control the high level of bad cholesterol in your body and blood stream.  As high cholesterol can lead to numerous illnesses, itís s good idea to follow this diet if you are a sufferer. 

High cholesterol levels are very often found in obese or overweight people, as to be overweight or obese you generally eat too much fat and too many calories per day, of course.  High cholesterol food is also low in fibre, which can itself lead to numerous health problems. This makes them gain even more weight and can also be very bad for their health and so at this point itís time to go for the low cholesterol diet.

The recommendations of nutritional bodies state that the total amount of fats eaten per day should be less than  35% of the amount of calories eaten per day. The other calories belong to fat and protein, of course. As well as eating less than 35% fat, you should not eat more than 300mgs of cholesterol per day. This is not only true if youíre on a diet to lose weight, but also in general.

Clinical trials have been carried out using subjects who follow diets low in saturated fat and instead eat more polyunsaturated fats, from healthy, omega 3 rich sources like oily fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, etc) and healthy oils (olive, rapeseed, etc). If you donít like any of these any of these foods, then you can try fish oil capsules, like cod liver oil capsules, which are widely available in chemists , health food shops and online.

How to reduce fat in your diet?

Go for lean meat, or meat with very little fat, but if it has fat on it, then cut it off before cooking

Eat smaller portions of meat, 200g per portion and just a few times a week

Eat as little red meat, pork and lamb as possible, g more for poultry like chicken or turkey, as they are low in fat

Donít fry your meat, grill, bake, poach, braise or steam it, and remove any fatty skin before cooking

Eat more pulses, vegetables and grains

Eat less polyunsaturated margarine and butter and more diet, low fat or omega rich margarines, but donít overdo it

Go for olive oil, rapeseed and sesame, as they are seen as being healthier than other oils, as they are rich in omega 3, but also use in moderation

Use skimmed milk or even semi skimmed milk instead of full fat milk

Replace full fat cheese with low fat or diet varieties, readily available in supermarkets theses days

If you roast, do so by spraying the pan with a little oil, or if roasting fatty meat or fish, let them roast in their own fats and juices

Buy low fat, diet or reduced fat products in the shops.

Check food labels for the amount of fat in each product.

Healthy Fat on a Diet:

omega rich oils, such as olive and rapeseed

polyunsaturated margarine and spread

Healthy Meat on a Diet:

Lean turkey, chicken

Sometimes, lean beef, lamb, pork, ham and bacon

Healthy Dairy on a Diet:

Low fat or diet yogurt and quark

Skimmed milk

Low fat cheese, cottage cheese, etc

Healthy Fish on a Diet

White fish, like plaice and cod

Oily fish, like salmon, tuna and mackerel

Seafood sometimes

Healthy Pulses on a Diet:

Lentils, chickpeas, beans etc

Healthy Vegetables on a Diet

The majority, if cooked properly and not fried.

Potatoes as jacket, mashed (with skimmed milk and low fat spread) or boiled.

Healthy Fruit on a Diet:

The majority, but watch fruit like bananas, as they are high in fat and sugar

Healthy Nuts on a Diet:

Walnuts, chestnuts, but watch fat content.

Healthy Cereal & Flour Products on a Diet:

Wholemeal flower and products (avoid white flour and subsequent products)

Healthy Drinks on a Diet:

Mineral water (no gas)

Herbal tea

tea with skimmed milk and no9 or very little sugar

unsweetened fruit juice

occasional diet drinks

occasional coffee with skimmed milk and no or little sugar

Of course, these products are also healthy whether or not you are on a diet.

AIQUM offers you tailor made nutrition and exercise plans, which are based on scientific research so that you can lose weight and keep it off, while staying healthy! You can get tailor made low carb and low fat menu plans, plus personalized training plans to lose weight quickly and healthy! An Expert-Team helps you to follow these plans, answers your questions and supports your weight loss! 

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