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Food Cravings and Dieting - detailed information


Food Cravings and Dieting

Food Cravings and Dieting...Food cravings are something that most of us know or have experience at some point, some more than others. Itís the need to eat, usually certain food and usually those that are bad for us.

People who suffer from these cravings have regular eating binges, sometimes in secret and eat a lot of food very quickly.

Binge eating is very often in the news these days, as it seems to be getting worse, especially amongst teenagers. A Binge Eating Disorder means that you eat until you are on the verge of exploding or being sick. You werenít really hungry, you just had the need to eat. The reason why varies from person to person.

People who do this very often feel guilty afterwards and many people are overweight who do so. Itís a vicious circle. Of course some people are bulimic, which means that they purge themselves of the food they have eaten shortly afterwards.

The best way to control this is to talk to a professional and find out why you are getting these urges. Itís very often because of an emotional problem, which with the help of a professional can be dealt with.

If our blood sugar level is unstable, then we will probably crave a lot of carbs and sweet food. This is because our body feels unsatisfied with what it has eaten and it has been digested too quickly. Thatís where eating food low on the Glycaemic Index comes in, as it is digested slowly, allowing the blood sugar levels to remain fairly constant.

Eating low GI food is great if youíre on a diet, as it is important that you avoid craving food and binging at anytime, but especially if you are in the process of losing weight. Thatís why if you want to lose weight, choose a diet that gives you a healthy menu plan and support.

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