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Fibretrim - detailed information



FibreTrim Zotrim Slimming Drink - what´s that?  Zotrim is a household name to dieters and now they have a new product on the market called Fibretrim. It’s a drink that has been proved to reduce the calories the body absorbs quite substantially after a meal.

It also reduces hunger pangs during meals, as it contains Zotrim and inulin, both powerful appetite suppressants.

Zotrim are well known diet pills that have been clinically tested. They contain yerba which is hailed as having the ability to suppress your appetite, boost your energy, the same as gurana and it is also full of antioxidants. Gurana is a well known product and widely available in health food shops, you can find it in its pure form and also as an ingredient in lot of food and energy drinks. This herb helps to burn fat, it contains caffeine and works as an appetite suppressant. It does this as it makes your metabolism work quicker and so fat should be burned faster than normal. And Damiana grows in the subtropics, in America and Africa. In the UK, it can often be found in cough medicine, but in its native South America it is used as a treatment for gastrointestinal disorders.

FibreTrim helps people to lose weight by suppressing their appetites, but instead of it being in the form of pills, it is a powder that has to be mixed into a drink. 

As an appetite suppressant it should make you feel less hungry if you drink it and so helping you to eat less and subsequently lose weight.

The caffeine contained in it may also have an effect on the rate that a person’s metabolism works, it may make it work faster, and so help dieters to lose weight more quickly.

Fibretrim is available in powder that comes in sachets. Water has to be added to the sachet and then the resulting drink should be drunk about thirty minutes before breakfast. It only comes in orange and mango flavours.

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