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Diet Plan - detailed information


Diet Plan

By definition you could describe a diet plan as an introduction to losing weight that has been planned using current scientific menu planning knowledge.

At the same time, such a diet plan should be tailor made and drawn up if possible after a detailed anamnesis and focus on the individual’s target.

Personal facts, such as possible physical impairments, chronic diseases, but also how much time is to spare and finances also have to be taken into consideration. Ideally, a diet plan should always be combined with a Training Plan, or at least an activity plan.

So that the goal of losing weight will be reached, a good diet plan will always have a calorie deficit (so-called negative Energy Balance), as only then is it possible to lose weight!

An ideal diet plan should contain a healthy, varied diet and pay attention to healthy nutrient combinations so that you do not damage your health on the road to your ideal figure. Whenever possible, sport/exercise should also be included so that the calories burned support the calories saved in the food.

If sport/exercise are not possible or wanted by the client, then the diet plan should also be made without them, so that a steady diet success is still achieved. 

Losing weight online is trendy! The AIQUM diet plan is based on current knowledge from nutrition and sports science, follows the principles of the Nutrition Society and last but not least has been recommended by the Independent German Consumer Organisation (Stiftung Warentest), and also in magazines like “Fit for Fun,” “Shape,”  “Menshealth,” and “Tomorrow,” amongst others.

At AIQUM you get individual diet plans so that you can reach your target weight as quickly as possible, by eating a healthy diet and staying healthy while doing so!

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