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Detox diet - detailed information


Detox diet

Detox diets and other methods are big business. In numerous health and womenís magazines detox deits are often recommended and sometimes how to do it is also given by the magazine. Certain food, creams, scrubs etc are recommend and said to help remove all the toxins form the body. Sometimes certain special diets are recommended, such as raw food.

Fasting as part of the detox diet, is divided into three kinds of fasting:

Complete fast, which means that you donít eat anything

Modified fast, which means you consume drinks or shakes containing protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate and fat

Healing fast, for certain illnesses

As a complete fast, where you donít eat anything, can lead to health problems due to a lot of muscle being broken down as well as less urine being expelled from the body and is therefore not recommended.

On the other hand, healing fasts and modified fasts should be done under medical supervision. A training program should also be added, like the one that is available at AQIUM UK!

What do the scientists say about such rituals?

Such fasting is not effective for a healthy person, as the kidneys, liver, colon and lungs get rid of unwanted substances from the body and they do this very well, if you are healthy. The colon cleans itself by renewing the mucus membrane every few days.

So, many scientists believe that the healing powers of fasting are media hype and belong up there with fairy tales and myths.

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