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David Kirsch Diet - detailed information


David Kirsch Diet

David Kirsch Diet, what´s this? The cult fitness guru, David Kirsch, promises you’ll be well on your way to your dream figure in just 14 days. Stars such as Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell und Linda Evangelista have followed his diet in the past.

This diet consists of a real power program, a hard training program and a very strict menu plan, both of which should lead to success in a short time.

David Kirsch published his diet plans in his book, The Ultimate New York Body Plan. The exercises are extremely strenuous and you will need to be very motivated to do them. He has become a very famous trainer since the publication of this first book.

So that people new to exercise don’t do too much, David Kirsch recommends preparation training, before they go into the real plan.

The main part of the David Kirsch Diet is a 14 day mix of high intensity aerobics and muscle toning weight training. You have to do one hour to ninety minutes per session, but the good thing is you can do them at home, as the equipment he recommends is weights, gymnastic ball and a few other things that you can use at home or in the gym.

As far as the nutrition part of the diet goes, a radical change will be required of you on the David Kirsch Diet: in the two weeks you’ll no longer be allowed to eat bread, sugar and fatty food, or drink alcohol.

Fish, vegetables, low fat meat and salad are of course allowed on the David Kirsch Diet, as on all diets, as they are healthy and great for weight loss too. You also have to drink two protein shakes per day.

David Kirsch promises a huge result in a short time, if you follow his Ultimate New York Body Plan. But, the best way is always to lose weight slowly and steadily, so that you keep it off.

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