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Choosing a diet - detailed information


Choosing a diet

Choosing a diet, what should we know about it?

There are so many diets on the market that itís very difficult to know which one to choose: Atkins, New Cambridge, Low GI Diet, Low GL Diet, Slimfast, Alli, Anne Collins, low fat, low carb or low cholesterol diet. Or maybe diet pills, fat burning pills, appetite suppressants or any of the other numerous ways to lose weight that are on the market today would be the best for you.

When you chose a diet you have to take into consideration what your goals are, how much time you have, do you want to exercise, can you cook well and how much will it cost, amongst other factors.

Many of the diets on the market are fad or crash diets and if you follow one of these itís very likely that you will lose weight very quickly, but also that you will gain it back again quickly. This is called the yo yo effect, you lose quickly and then gain even more back.

You should also choose diets that follow the British governmentís nutritional guidelines. Also, make sure that the diet offers you individual nutritional consultations either online, by email, as instant messages or on the phone. This way if you have any problems before, during and after your diet, youíll always have someone at hand. Plus, they can be your support and motivate you as well. But, make sure that those supporting you have a recognized qualification.

See if diets have been recommended by health magazines, or health insurance companies or professional bodies. If you choose diet pills, or pills of any other kind, then make sure that they have undergone clinical trials and that you know the side effects, if any.

If you work a lot, it is important that your diet will fit into your busy life, the same if you have a family. Think if the diet food can be cooked for the whole family and appreciated by them or are the recipes simple or complicated to follow. If you have allergies, are diabetic, vegan or vegetarian, take into account whether or not the diet would suit you.

You also have to consider whether or not it helps you to change your eating habits into healthy ones, so that once you have reached your target weight, youíll also be able to maintain it. This is crucial, as it often is after youíve stopped dieting, that people think they can eat what they like and then they gain their weight back and sometimes, even more.

There are a lot of genuine companies out there, but also some that make promises they can never keep, has you starving or eating unhealthy food. These should be avoided. It is important that the diet you choose offers you a healthy, balanced diet, with the correct amount of calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Before starting a diet, it is wise to consult a doctor, especially if you suffer with certain diseases or are diabetic. A doctor should be able to tell you if the diet you want to follow is the right one for you. The same goes if you have to follow an exercise program on your diet, you have to get checked out before, to make sure that you wonít injure yourself or put your health at risk.

Exercise is also a very important part of losing weight. If you would like to slim down, whether it is to lose a few pounds or more than a stone, exercise combined with a healthy diet is really the best and healthiest way. Some companies offer both diet and sporting advice

Another important thing when choosing a diet, is that you know exactly what your target weight is why you want to lose weight and what deadline, if any, you have to do this. You should also think about what forms of exercise you are going to do, if you are going to join a gym, for example, also how much time you have to devote to exercise or would you prefer to go jogging or swimming. Whatever you decide, you should consult a doctor before exercising and also get a program from a qualified trainer.

Read about and study the various options on offer before deciding. There is so much information on line and in books, that it can get confusing, but remember avoid anything that promises miracle cures or that doesnít include a balanced diet. Avoid pills, potions and powders and any diet that promises youíll lose a stone in a week. Losing weight and getting in shape takes time and energy, but itíll be worth it in the end.

Maybe you are someone who needs to lose weight and shape up with a friend. If so, ask friends, family, neighbours and colleagues, youíll find someone whoís in the same boat and you can support each other. You can exercise, diet and cook together and then, when you have reached your target weight and have your dream figure, celebrate together. Many diet companies, like AIQUM UK, offer online support and the chance to make friends and meet like minded people in a forum.

If youíd like to lose weight then look no further. At AIQUM the nutrition and exercise plans are based on scientific research so that you can lose weight and keep it off, while staying healthy.  Forget other diets, AIQUM Germany has already been tested and highly recommended by the German Consumer Association, the Organic Consumer Test, as well as German magazines like Fit For Fun, Shape, Menshealth and Tomorrow, amongst others.

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