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Chinese Herbs, Sibutramin - detailed information


Chinese Herbs, Sibutramin

You want to lose weight and ask yourself if Chinese Herbs help? Can you really lose weight with the right Chinese herbs and stay healthy when doing so?

As Sibutramin has shown, Chinese herbs can not only pose a threat to your health, but also be deadly, as 34 people were known to have died due Sibutramin.

In the German magazine Deutsches Ärzteblatt International, renowned German pharmacologists Dieter Müller, Wolfgang Weinmann and Maren Hermanns-Clausen, said the product contained twice the amount of sibutramine that it was allowed to contain in Germany.

In the UK it was sold under the name of Reducil.

Müller said that it was possible that many more people would suffer because of the tablet, as it had not been approved by any drug authorities. That’s why, if you take herbal tablets or medicine of any kind and it hasn’t been approved by a recognized body, then you should ber vey careful.

He wrote:

“As a consequence, the symptoms reported by the patients were often not regarded as side effects from an overdose or as severe interactions with previously administered psychotherapeutic.”

“Administration of the same Chinese slimming pill was only identified in all 17 cases after a specific medical history had been taken, including food supplements.”

You can read the whole article in English here: http://www.aerzteblatt.de/v4/archiv/pdf.asp?id=63968

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