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BOB GREENE BEST LIFE DIET - detailed information



Are you looking for informations about the  Bob Greene BEST LIFE DIET?

Bob Greene is Oprah’s trainer and also founder of The Best Life series of diets, books, products and exercises. The first book, Make The Connection: Ten Steps to a Better Body and a Better Life”, was written with Oprah herself in the mid nineties and this was followed by their next collaboration, A Journal of Daily Renewal: The Companion to Make the Connection. He also wrote Get with The Program

The diet is a healthy diet that is designed for long term weight loss and not a quick fix. If you follow it to the letter it should help you to change the way you eat to eating a more healthily in the long term. The calories consumer per day range between 1500 and 2000 and the diet is said to be adaptable for all people.

The Best Life Diet helps you to choose the right food that in turn helps you to lose weight. You learn how to eat the right serving sizes of your food and you don’t have to count calories. It’s not a fad or crash diet and is designed for a steady, healthy weight loss and long term weight management.

Food such as fried food, saturated fats, white flour products, amongst other things are all taboo, as they should be on a healthy diet. Instead you are encouraged to eat whole grains, lots of vegetables and low fat dairy and skimmed milk, etc.

There are three phases in the Bob Green Diet, all of which have been designed to help you to lose weight in a healthy way.

The first phase lasts for about four weeks and it slowly gets you and your body used to the diet. You have to change the way you eat to lose weight and to keep it off. You learn not to eat a few hours before going to bed, to have a light snack and to eat three meals a day. It is also recommended that you don’t drink any alcohol during this phase and take vitamin and mineral tablets if you feel you need them.

There’s no eating one kind of food, living off shakes or bars or starving yourself for the first week or longer. 

The second phase also lasts for about four weeks and introduces exercise, as well as building on the healthy diet plan promoted in phase one. During this phase you tackle what makes you physically and emotionally hungry, as well as eliminating certain food from your diet. You also have to weigh yourself on a weekly basis and learn how to choose the correct serving or portion for you to help you lose weight.

The final phase, is phase three and this helps you to manage your weight, once you’ve reached your target, in the long term. It helps you to stay away from unhealthy foods and to keep them out of your diet altogether. It adds healthier food to your daily eating plan and explains how you can treat yourself sometimes to your favourites.

Greene also helps you looks at why some of us eat too much, what are the physical and emotional reasons for this. He asks dieters a lot of questions to find out why they eat, are overweight and now want to lose weight. It may be difficult for some to answer these questions as they may involve looking into deeper emotional reasons for eating certain things.

Greene’s diet plan is so popular as it is based on government guidelines and doesn’t make you eat only one kind of food, is not low carb, does not have you counting points nor does it have you going on fad or crash diets and eliminating whole food groups. There are no pills, potions, powder, bars or shakes.

On his US website he has a collection of various Best Life Diet foods.

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