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Beverly Hills Diet - detailed information


Beverly Hills Diet

The Beverly Hills Diet is coming up to its thirtieth anniversary, as the book of the same name came on to the market for the first time in 1981 and was written by Judy Mazel.

The original diet is high in carbs, but low in Protein, and dieters also have to follow instructions as to which foods should be eaten in which order. Ms Mazel believes that the key to losing weight is by combining the right foods. The original diet had a very strict plan to stick to and you were allowed to eat lots of fruit.

Although the original Beverly Hills Diet was a smash hit in the eighties, many scientists believed that it could lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as you lived off limited products for a whole week. They also believed that the weight you lost may have been caused by the water contained in loss stools, due to eating large amounts of fruit.

In 1996 the New Beverly Hills Diet was launched. It focuses on combining what the author saw as the right combination of food too, Mazel calls it ďConscious Combining.Ē

The New Beverly Hills Diet was hailed as a well balanced diet, as it also included all the necessary food groups, not just fruit with no carbs or protein.

In the new version of the diet, you can also drink wine if you like, eat bigger portions and enjoy real food like pasta, meat, oil and vegetables.  The program contains a 21 and 35 day plan, which is supposed to be followed with constant support. This is very different from the original diet, which had a strict 42 day plan.

Mazelís theories on food combining were supposed to be followed to the letter in the original diet, so that weight loss would be achieved.

She believed that food groups should be eaten alone and not combined with other food groups. So, if you eat a piece of meat, which is protein, leave out the vegetables and potatoes. Or, if you eat pasta, eat it with nothing else on it and eat your fruit on its own.

The essential principles of Conscious Combining are easy to remember and easy to follow. With time, adhering to the principles becomes routine.

She stated that you should start your day with a piece of fruit, you get a list of which fruit is the best if you join the 35 day weight loss plan.

Then, once again fruit can be eaten in abundance, but pieces of fruit must not be combined with each other, so no strawberries and apples together, for example. The advice is to wait 60 minutes before eating your next piece of fruit and two hours before indulging in another food group.

The advice is not to eat fruit for the rest of the day if you have eaten food from another food group, such as protein of carbohydrates. But, if you eat carb rich food next, then you can east more of them until you eat protein.

After eating food high in protein, you should eat mostly protein for the rest of the day. Never combine proteins and carbs, in general.

As for drinks, if you are on this diet then avoid products and drinks containing sweeteners and additives.

Alcohol is allowed, but only when following the rules exactly. Alcoholic drinks, except for wine, should be drunk with carb rich food, not with proteins or fruit. Wine, as it is fruit based, has to be drunk with fruit only.

Thereís an example of a Beverly Hills diet plan below, and the foods on any of the plans have to be eaten in the order that they are given. Plus, you have to eat the exact amount stated on the plan and not leave anything out.

Eat when you feel like it, but follow the plan, thatís what Mazel said and donít skip days or products, follow the plan exactly.

If there is no amount next to the food, that means that the dieter can east as much as they like.

Day 1



Salad with Beverly Hills Diet dressing (follow recipes made especially for the diet)

Day 2




Day 3


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