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abc-diet - detailed information



The ABC Diet, also Alphabet Diet is a witty and original invention, what exactly is the ABC diet, and how this can actually decrease with the ABC diet?

As the name already can guess with a little imagination, begins the first day of the ABC diet with the letter A, the second with B etc.

What sense does that and can we take seriously the ABC diet really?

In accordance with the alphabet on the first day you begin to use only foods that begin with the letter A. The second day of the Alphabet Diet is dedicated to the letter B, the third by the letter C, etc. The Alphabet Diet is so obvious at times

FDH effect (Eat half), if an incident only a few food! But be careful trap: the letter W, offers the best sausage in, given that a sausage but with a stroke about 500 kcal delivering ..... Real compensation days, however, should in the alphabet letters, such as diet be X or Y - in this case one must be careful not zuverhungern!

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