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Diet - current information in the AIQUM Glossary


Diet, Diet Glossary

The word diet comes from Greek and means nothing more than way of life. A special way of eating is described by this word, which means the meaning has changed since Hippocrates’ time. Now it means that a special selection of food is eaten during a longer period of time. The intake of nutrients such as fat or carbohydrates, but also protein, is reduced during a diet or at least should be.

So, a diet describes a special form of nutrition, whereas fasting compared to a diet limits nutrient intake in general.

The following belong to today’s diets: low fat, Optifast, with carbohydrates (eg Atkins, Low GI Diet, Stone Age Diet), carbohydrate free diet, Anabolic Diet, optimising the percentages of fat, protein and carbohydrates (eg Brigitte Diet, Sears Zone Diet), vegetarian and vegan diet, food separation diet, Weight Watchers and meal replacement powders/drinks (eg Slimfast).

Furthermore, we should also mention the Blood Group Diet, Dinner Cancelling, The Hackers Diet, the Warrior Diet, The Cambridge Diet and Gillian McKeith’s Bootcamp Diet, etc.

There has been a huge increase in the weight loss product market, so it is no wonder that diet provider’s inventiveness knows no borders.

But, also the ideological aspects may play a role in the diet world, for example, in vegetarianism, etc.  Whereas, a diet in which the goal it to lose weight should be done with a doctor’s supervision.   

At AIQUM.co.uk you will get serious consultation and support, so that you can lose those extra pounds!

In the following you can read what AIQUM members think about AIQUM and be amazed by the changes in the before and after photos:

Success Reports (losing weight before and after)

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