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stretch marks - detailed information


stretch marks

Stretch marks are often referred to as stretch marks, this does not come by chance:

during pregnancy, the belly is growing so fast that the connective tissue often can not keep up and it comes to skin tears. The elasticity of the skin is also reduced by hormonal changes.

Important prophylaxis against stretch marks is thus regular creaming of the abdomen to make the skin supple and elastic tissue as possible.

Stretch marks occur but not only in pregnant women. These occur during rapid weight gain as well.

The body fat is deposited under the skin so quickly that it is stretched too much. The typical coloration of stretch marks here is the result of translucent blood vessels. Also, strength athletes, especially bodybuilders have to deal with stretch marks - in turn based on the fact that the connective tissue of the muscle growth but will not stand up or claimed during the exercises too much.

Stretch marks usually occur in particularly polluted areas of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, upper arms and hips and are unfortunately not reversible! The bluish red stripes caused by cracks in the hypodermis, while the bluish color fades with time, light scars are still visible. With certain vitamins such as vitamin E can tackle the stain, a dermatologist may decrease with dye laser (sg alexandrite laser), the stretch marks, too. Furthermore, there are cortisone preparations with which to treat stretch marks.

Prophylactically to help all kinds of massage techniques to increase the elasticity of the connective tissue, also has a healthy, balanced diet as a measure proved beneficial for the connective tissue.

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