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Beauty - current information in the AIQUM Glossary


Beauty Glossary

External beauty is becoming more and more valued today, so it is not surprising that many people make beauty their second greatest priority, after health!

Generally, it is indeed necessary to have sayings, such as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", however, scientific research has proved that certain characteristics have to come together, to define the term beauty! On this subject, it has been ascertained that symmetrical facial features, in both halves of the face, were found to be beautiful to the majority of the test subjects. Therefore, beauty is scientifically measurable!

Furthermore, a well looked after external appearance, such as a slim, trained body are further attributes to which the term beauty lends its name!

In other corners of the world and cultures, beauty is defined oppositely, as very large women are seen as extremely attractive in many countries, whereas the opposite is true in the industrial countries!

Time is also a factor in beauty: what was beautiful yesterday is frowned upon and has the opposite meaning today!

All said and done, everyone should follow their own feelings about their definition of beauty, so that they are happy with themselves.

You can find everything on the subject of beauty in our Lexicon at AIQUM!

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